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Apparently the sweet peas are in full force at the flower market. I’m sad I’ll be missing them (not that sad though, because I can’t wait to see everyone! INCLUDING MY BLOG PARTNER IN CRIME!). When I come back to NYC in the new year, rest assured I’m going to the flower market to spend some of my Christmas money. Instead I’ll continue to live vicariously through my favorite blogs and sometimes go through my own pictures. Here’s two photos from the engagement party to brighten up your evening.

I promise some Christmas cookies in the coming week and possibly other goodies, we’ll see how the baking goes.

Poppies and Posies did a bang-up job on the flowers for this wedding. So many dainty little touches.

Hubble captures image of star being formed – dorky video ensues

For some reason this video from SNL covering Robyn’s music video for Call Your Girlfriend cracked me up. I watched it a few times over the week and in this youtube video, you can see the videos side by side. Good times. My musical tastes this week have been a bit all over the place (oh exams, so much fun!). I’ve been having a lot of dance parties to Last Friday Night (Glee version, Katy Perry original)…

Quiet photo set from Upstate. Also enjoyed this set.

Pain d’epices



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2 responses to “Weekly Links

  1. cathy

    loved the SNL video..will watch it more than once I am sure>
    My kitchen awaits you..

    • Amy

      We practice the dance routine at least 5 times a day. We’re all totally addicted to it now. I’ll show you when I come over next!