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The sunsets have been gorgeous these past few weeks and I’ve gained a new appreciation for my apartment and its stunning urban view. You can’t see them very well in this quick iPhone shot, but at times like these, the water towers seem to go on forever.

No doubt Dad will look at this picture though and curse my dirty windows. They’re particularly bad these days with the random bouts of light drizzle and mist.

Whatever. Had some amazing salt-crust chicken for dinner. It’s the best having friends who cook you dinner (and have puppies), especially during exam season when my willingness to prepare actual food decreases rapidly. At least my fridge is well stocked with apples, oranges and pears, which I eat at all hours. Bosc pears are so cheap right now, I just can’t stop buying them. Better than turning to the chocolate chip bag right?

Organic food can feed the world

Hahaha, oh Nigella. Ohhhh Nigella. Coated in caramel for a magazine cover isn’t sexual?

Pickle fries – Please make these for me for Christmas.

Love these photographs from Sophie Delaporte (and not just because they’re for Astier de Villatte which I may or may not be totally obsessed with, to the point where I will go into ABC Carpet just to stare at it)

These will be made sometime between the 21st and 25th. Possibly multiple times.

Awesome apartment in Seattle

December cosmos bouquet

NPR’s top albums of 2011. I’m really liking Julianna Barwick (she’s like the female equivalent of Jonsi and Alex!) and King Creosote & Jon Hopkins.


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  1. Shaun

    suddenly i am a big Lottie + Doof fan, and when i have a kitchen again I’m going to be busy…I also think I want one of these…