Weekly Links (DECEMBER ROSES edition) (That’s right, where I live now December=ROSES)

New York City and/or the weather gods have apparently joined in the spirit of holiday giving and have granted us roses which bloom into December. I wandered down the street and took these a few minutes ago, just because I could. Because it’s DECEMBER. And there are ROSES. The lady who tends this garden was busy pruning most of the rose bushes back, and I worry that tomorrow I’ll go by and these will be gone (hopefully to her kitchen table, if she absolutely must), but I have been savouring them all November so I can’t complain overly. I would have taken a picture of these really cute lobelia/cyclamen/juniper window boxes across from the law school, as well, but there was a maintenance person standing in front of them and I’m too polite to ask people to move.

Weekly Links

Best. Extreme. Sport. Video. EVER. Never mind surfing, boogie boarding (bodyboarding – like frisbee v. ultimate) is wayyyyyyy cooler.

These biscuits, from Andrew Carmellini, look amazing (even if they have shortening in them). I’m trying them this weekend.

Loved these doors on a wall

Picked up the She & Him Christmas album – this is one of my favourite tracks (range is perfect for Zooey Deschanel)

Can’t remember if I linked to this once-glamorous building in NYC before, but here’s an engagement shoot in it (her dress is pretty fab as well)

Tree peonies, anemones, zinnias, dahlias, ranunculus – all my favs in a beautiful Amy Merrick arrangement

It was only a matter of time: pudding-only bakery comes to the East Village. Parfaits galore!

Pumpkin spice smoothie (Ian will be forced to make this for me when I get home)

Winter’s hard, have some pancakes – guy raps while making pancakes. Now THAT’S skill. And from the number of pancakes sitting on the counter, looks like it took him a few tries to get the timing right.

Apparently it’s camellia season (I imagine that Uncle D would have a lot of these if he had a greenhouse – just the right ratio of fuss to reward)


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