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Wow, these posts keep getting later and later. I’d apologize, but the truth is, I’ve been having too much fun this weekend to be sorry. From cookie baking to a Union Square holiday market expedition to a dinner party to waffles, it’s been an event-filled few days. And next week it’s THANKSGIVING! Hurray! I’ve been dreaming about the gravy for days. Tomorrow, to atone for my sins, I promise to finally post the current waffle recipe. It’s quick to make and even quicker to devour. Best of all, it makes a fabulous frozen waffle. No breakfast dilemmas for me (or you?) this week!

An exhibit that enables you to realize your dream of an engagement photo with Wills – complete with the trademark sapphire ring

Sophisticated fall bouquets

An updated guide to growing apples pesticide-free

Loved the photo-journalism style of this wedding photography – crucial to listen to the Bon Iver song linked on the page

Google has Street Viewed the High Line, so now you can pretend you’re there with me

Made these peanut butter chocolate chip cookies on Saturday, these chocolate chip cookies on Thursday. Both pretty good – the kind of cookie people will comfortably eat at least 3 of, but won’t blow any minds.


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