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Miss my sleepy bear

I hate November. I guess there’s Thanksgiving, but it’s so late that it may as well be in December. The flower market this morning was kind of depressing – right on the tail end of fall but without any of the excitement of the true European winter/spring flowers yet. Or maybe that’s just Friday. I guess we’ll see tomorrow morning. November is just a month of work, stress and unpredictable weather. My solution is hibernation. I’m ending here because I really need a nap.

Oh my god, roses. I want a garden, yesterday.

Intriguing chocolate icing and chocolate cake recipes

This is the afternoon I would like to be having

Forest wedding, yes please. (I’ll even overcome my aversion to crystals)

Coooool, mirror-cube houses on tree trunks.

Pumpkin gingerbread!

Saw pomegranates (and oranges, lemons and limes) on the branch this morning but sadly did not buy them to make arrangements like this pretty one.

I’m a sucker for pictures of churches and cathedrals. Orangette’s photos of Saint-Sulpice are no exception.

This roast chicken still looks amazing to me, despite last night’s movie on the food industry which included a detailed account of a chicken from egg to slaughter. Fun! (Better than watching a film on the pig industry in my opinion…)



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  1. NinaandHarriet

    Thanks for the link back. Love your blog! t&t

    • Amy

      Well thank you for visiting! Obviously, I am also a fan of yours and I’m glad you don’t mind the link!