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I’ve been thinking about Europe the past few days. Wanting to visit, wanting to live there for a few months, a few years, just go. It’s probably the dreary weather talking (and lord knows it’s no better in England at the moment) but I do dream about it fairly regularly. I was reading about Amsterdam’s massive flower auction this morning. Did you know it’s the world’s biggest commercial building? Every weekday they sell over 20 million flowers and it’s open 24/7. They have a visitor’s center and if you go between 7 AM-11 AM you can see the clock auctions they run where the bidding starts high and stops as soon as someone hits a buzzer – auctions take seconds. NY Times covered the market a while back. In the meantime, the ranunculus are back and I have an excuse to go to the flower market, perhaps multiple times. Rejoice!

Mom and I were loving these bouquets. I think I posted them before but these ones are really pretty: Cosmos/zinnias and Pansies/iris

From Kim: Find out where you fit in the story of human life from this handy BBC population counter.

I like these vintage prints

Ooo new bakery!

Tomato chutney recipe

Most hilarious Beatles cover I have ever seen/heard. It’s like they’re space people! On the CBC! The 60s were so weird.

Beautiful photos of Cinque Terre

Pretty print of watercolour herbs



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