Weekly Links (Mostly plant based)

I’ve been rereading Larry’s Party, for some reason it feels like a fall book to me. The chapters close in upon themselves with time laying dormant until the next events inject some vigour into Larry’s life. I love Carol Shields’ prose, but what draws me to this book repeatedly is the threads of plant life running through it. The juxtaposition of long-term outlook and patience with the neverending daily work that goes into caring for a substantial plot is what draws me to gardening time again, even if it’s just reading about them. How in the best of them you’re always right on the edge of manageability but eventually you have this landscape that other people think is beautiful and on good days (most days) you consider a significant accomplishment (even if it’s continually in progress). If only I could reach a similar level of romanticism about life…

I’m slowly making my way through the latest edition of The English Garden as well; I refuse to cheat and flip through all the pictures first, but so far it’s been full of the most beautiful herbaceous borders. Long, lush, and filled with a profusion of colours and textures. What a good fall edition of a gardening magazine should contain, really. Here in NYC we’re enjoying a last flush of roses, which are jewel bright in the angled sunlight of late afternoon, and the height of the ubiquitous potted coleus, a plant I have learned to love in the past year. There’s no grand herbaceous borders, hedged in and leading to misty vistas, but at least we have colour. It shall have to suffice.

BANOFFEE PIE MADNESS, Jessica!! Banoffee milkshakes, banoffee paninis, banoffee parfait (everybody likes parfait!)…

Lemongrass: A thrifty, edible grass for the garden!

Contemplative dahlias and sunflowers

Dream flower hair-piece, dream bouquet (with JAPANESE MAPLE LEAVES AND GARDEN ROSES. O.M.G!). Actually the flowers from the bouquet wedding in general are beautiful. Fall flowers that feel like spring.

Antique apples of New England (Of particular interest to Uncle D)

Carroty mac and cheese

Jacques Pepin on sharpening knives, making omelettes and chopping garlic. Classic videos.

Oh sorry, did you think you would get through a week without me recommending a Saipua arrangement? RIDICULOUS SUGGESTION. This one is definitely a real favorite with powdery blue clematis. Oh clematis, why so expensive?

Lantana bonsai – verrrrry interesting. If I had more skills and talents (and a yard) I would attempt this

I think I need to get my hands on this book by Tovah Martin: “Of the list of requisite social graces — good breeding, elegance, chastity and a handsome physique — palms lacked only chastity. But the absence of that virtue could easily be overlooked in plants, as well as people, if the transgression was handled discreetly. And palms were very discreet.” From this NYT article on indoor trees.


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  1. cathy

    What a coincidence,, Daryl and I just watched Jacques Pepin’s video on making omelettes yesterday.
    I think I will try the Carroty Mac and Cheese on my boyz !
    I will show D. the apples..I want to go to a market in England.