Pumpkin trifle

I made another trifle and thought about photographing it, but without a fancy bowl it’s just a whipped cream top next to some stainless steel and that’s really rather boring. And plated, it looks like someone dropped the dessert and attempted to salvage it by scooping it directly off the floor. Especially this time around because I used layers of pumpkin cake, pumpkin pudding and vanilla pudding with some sour cream spiked whipping cream. Pumpkin pudding is not an attractive colour.

Last night I was skeptical but this morning the pumpkin cake has softened up beautifully and the flavors have blended, so if you’re feeling the urge for a spot of trifle and/or pumpkin desserts then maybe you should try making your own. I used the same vanilla pudding recipe from the last trifle, a pumpkin pudding (pie filling) recipe from Martha Stewart, this pumpkin cookie recipe baked into a sheet cake and 2 cups whipping cream with 2 tablespoons of sour cream (along with sugar and vanilla to taste). I layered as follows: cake, vanilla pudding, cake, pumpkin pudding, whipping cream, cake, a mix of pumpkin and vanilla, and then topped it with quite a lot of cream. As usual, you could do what you like. I was just ambivalent about the pumpkin pudding so was trying to mix it up a little. This trifle definitely needs to sit for at least 4 hours before serving. If you really felt like upping the spice ante, you could sprinkle crushed gingersnaps over the top or upon serving.

Last week I also made some pumpkin whoopie pies which were unsurprisingly a huge hit (the recipe is from Baked: New Frontiers). October always makes people more receptive to pumpkin desserts and then combined with cream cheese these really could not go wrong. Just don’t overbake!

This week I’ve been cajoled into making a pie for a pot-luck. I’m fairly certain it shall be a chocolate pudding pie. I should just open a shop that only sells pudding enhanced desserts – it could only be a success right?



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4 responses to “Pumpkin trifle

  1. cathy

    yum, yum. I have been doing lots of baking with pumpkin, i was going to make pumpkin millet muffins today but may go for this instead….it would be much more pleasing to my boys….FS is in town too!

  2. Shaun

    sounds tasty… i made smitten kitchen’s apple cookies (like little pies) it’s her most recent post. I saw a recipe for chocolate silk pie on cook’s country… looks tasty… i might make it one os these days.

    • Amy

      Of course you made the apple pie cookies. That’s practically your ideal recipe… Speaking of pies, my friend won third place in a pie competition run by the Edmonton Journal using Smitten’s all-butter pie crust. I was impressed. Might have to check out the cook’s county recipe.