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Elyse Hall Photography via Style Me Pretty

Fall here is a time of saturated greens. Torrential rain occasionally strips the petals off the late roses and spindly white phlox (a stalwart of the fall border if I’ve ever seen one), but the rest of the time they glow against dense ivies, hydrangea and hibiscus. We are celebrating the return of warm hued teas and muted cardigans, apples and concord grapes. Also, there is a new puppy, but that is neither here nor there.

My computer died on Monday and in the transition to a new MacBook Air/Lion, iPhoto seems to have destroyed my library. It appears I’ve lost everything from the past month completely and other dates selectively so I guess I better get on with shooting some new material. The photo above obviously has no connection to the text, it was just pretty and sometimes that’s more important.


Atmospheric date-night restaurants in NYC

Documentary about the guy who plays Elmo. Could it be more adorable?

Fall makes me think about bread baking. I bookmarked these recipes this week: challah, french epi baguette and sweet dough.

Two of my favorite things together: Urn of roses.

Plum cake, plum cake, plum cake. I’ll post my yogurt version this weekend.

Old Globe and Mail article on a 220 square foot house

Racing like a pro



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2 responses to “Weekly links

  1. cathy

    I want to go to the Elmo documentary, eat pizza at Co. and have plum cake for dessert.
    …will make plum cake this weekend,one out of 3, not bad.

    nice to talk to you this week, even though it was brief.

    • Amy

      Come visit and we’ll go to Co. I wanted to go the night I called you but alas. At least I had cauliflower bake. Also made mom’s spinach strawberry salad. That thing is a hit.