Weekly Links (and Helenium)

On a recent visit to a friend’s garden, I was reminded of my one time love affair with helenium. They’re another mid to late summer bloomer and look pretty fantastic in the lengthening shadows of September, whether in the garden or on your table. Of course, I’m embittered because mine never came back the next year, but don’t let that stop you (mine were kind of neglected and the soil was terrible). Heleniums are, for the most part, hardy and drought tolerant. Plus, the bees love them! I have at least 5 more pictures of bees on helenium, but I’m saving them for future editions of my weekly bee photo feature (otherwise known as weekly links).

Weekly Links

Sun-drenched room, eclectically furnished

I like the playful use of colour in this apartment, although the furnishings in general are not to my taste. Similarly, I love the use of a bright chair as a focal point in this bedroom.

Cute video on Miette bakery in San Francisco- “I eat cake every single morning . . . and I don’t want to wake up any other way.” PREACH.

The combination of peonies and allium buds, as well as the adorable dessert table make this wedding worth checking out.



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2 responses to “Weekly Links (and Helenium)

  1. Shaun

    i really want to go to miette.
    and i really like kinfolk. i found them on the web the other week.
    you have the best links.

    • Amy

      Glad you like them! I have been enjoying Kinfolk as well. But I’ve always enjoyed several of the contributors’ blogs so that hasn’t really come as a surprise. There’s something about the cool tones of the photography and calm descriptions of gatherings that appeals – even if none of my own are close to that. Although waffle breakfast in my sunny apartment, is beginning to come close to easy. I need to just overcome my natural urge to fuss.