Nutella Cookies

Waking to cookie dough that must be baked lends a sense of optimism to the day. 18 dozen cookies later and I am avoiding doing the last of the dishes. Baking on this scale had me longing for my kitchenaid and a scale, but at least I bought some jelly-roll sized pans that can hold 20 cookies a pop. You can find the recipe for these nutella cookies on Simply Recipes. I made no changes other than adding more flour to compensate for the humidity, a little less sugar (the first batch was too sweet) and only approximate amounts of nutella and vanilla. My bad. If you were to make a regular sized recipe I would recommend you use higher quality cocoa than I did. I always forget what a difference it makes until I decide to cheap out (same goes for TJ’s butter. Yuck. Only fit for putting in baked things that don’t rely on butter as a flavour).


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