Weekly links and more garden flowers

A September garden posy for you in one of my favorite Jason Adler vases: scabiosa seed heads, malva, cosmos and, of course, clematis (nicked from the neighbour’s plant that’s grown over the fence).

Forgive the lack of prose, it seems to go better with baked things. Perhaps I’ll have some cookies ready for you on the weekend. Or maybe a food adventure: I’m desperate to take a trip out to Bien Cuit, although apparently you can now buy their pastries and bread in lower Manhattan.

Also, good news, my European lackey is hunting down butter for review. I predict this will be the first of many food-related errands she will be forced to run now that she’s settling down in one of my favorite cities, London. That being said, I was reading Saveur’s list of their top 30 butters and apparently I have a little hunting of my own to do. Butter tasting, anyone?


Sarah (Saipua) has an eye for color like no one else

Cheerful flowers!

Amazing waterlily garden in Texas – Love Blue Cloud

Thought these pen drawings were cool

Genius idea: plant field of wildflowers outside office building and let everyone pick them for their desks

Ode to the kitchen scale


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