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It’s true, nasturtiums are one of my favorite flowers. I can’t help myself. I love their bright colors, bubbly character and sweet smell. The vase is actually a tea light holder I found in the cupboard. Maybe it’s a bit stuffy for such country-sprawl type flowers, but I liked having them elevated. That being said, next time I would cut some even longer stems and trail them all down the center of a table in a low dish aided by a flower frog.

Here’s the week’s links:

Turkey meatballs recipe!

I want to go to Iceland. Instead I will continue to watch Sigur Ros videos. Here’s one of them playing this stone marimba in a cave. The guy who made the instrument also makes xylophones from ancient rhubarb. Everyone wants one of those right?

I want a laburnum arch. Also check out this garden designed by Jinny Blom.

I like the colors of this kitchen and the gorgeous flower paintings (just ignore the candles ok?)

Spilling roses

I feel like everyone has probably seen this but regardless: 100 years of East London fashion in dance

Drunk Kitchen’s baking episode cracks me up. Or maybe the brunch one. Tough d.

Also Craig Ferguson cooking with Wolfgang Puck. Clearly my taste in humor goes downhill where food is involved.



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3 responses to “Weekly links

  1. cathy

    I want that garden by Jinny… and house that goes with it.
    Brunch.. trail mix pancakes…nice.

    Must make more meatballs.
    ..pulsing with so many vitamins lately!

    • Amy

      I need more meatballs too. Although Tim won’t be here to battle the salmonella with me so it won’t be the same.
      I am very definitely not pulsing with vitamins… I should do something about that.

  2. Shaun

    ok, drunk kitchen…excellent viewing.