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My favourite photo taken by my cousin of the allée in their backyard

Being away from my garden has forced me to rely on the descriptions and photography of others, namely those of my parents. It’s been fun, but also mildly frustrating as I have grown into my own shooting habits over the years. I’m afraid I may have made some rather bratty demands during the past few months, requesting photos of particular plants, or that they try to shoot at a particular time of day. Luckily, both my parents and my cousin have seen enough of my pictures to take some just for me, including a lot of close-ups. Perhaps I should mix up my style though if I’m this predictable?

I’m currently inspired by the photographs of Elliot Erwitt, which are on exhibit at the International Center of Photography, and Beth Dow. Plus, I’ll admit to being somewhat smitten with the grainy, out-of-focus style that seems to have overtaken the design world at the moment. Who/what has caught your eye?

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  1. cathy

    That’s cool you put your cousins photo in your blog….( signed the proud mother of the photographer.lol)
    I think Tim has some of the same family genes as you …he likes taking photos, loves to eat things with butter and cream and can be a bit of a perfectionist in the kitchen…..