My crazy evening with my two new housemates, Rodrigo and Lupe, both from Mexico. Lupe needed to go to the Food Bank tonight, and neither Rodrigo nor I had ever been, so we decided to tag along and help him find his way there.

1645 – Me: We need to leave now. Boys: No no no no no we can leave in 5 minutes.

1650 – Me: Okay, it’s been 300 seconds, time to go. Boys: Okay, we’ll get our stuff.

1700 – Bus shows up right on time, and we are, of course, chasing it and waving it down. Ugh, boys!

1730 – Halfway to the food bank. Storm rolls in, thunder and torrential rain. I am wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I dismally look out the window. Rodrigo: I’m wearing my lucky shoes. Don’t worry. Don’t worry! Be happy! Rodrigo and Lupe start humming, and I can’t help but laugh.

1745 – Cute babies on the bus. Rodrigo: Can I go outside in the winter even when it is snowing?

1815 – Arrive at destination bus stop, 8 blocks from the food bank. We run, slipping and sliding to the food bank. Rodrigo kindly gives me his jacket (even though I tried to bravely tell him I didn’t want it…good man) and we finally get there, completely soaked through and dripping.

1900 – Lupe says he registered for food for himself, but he gets enough food to feed an army of hungry college students. No word of a lie, it is 2 shopping carts piled high. We will have quite the challenge eating it all. There are some ridiculous amounts in here, like 48 jello cheesecake cups, at least 20 red pepper, 12 jars of salad dressing, 30 tomatoes, 24 ears of corn…

So. Much. Food.

1915 – We waddle, balancing all the food, toward the bus stop. A man calls after us, inquiring about where we live, and offers us a ride to the train station even after we determine that we are traveling in opposite directions. Kind stranger man, we find out, is from Iraq, and has been going to the food bank for the past year and only recently was able to afford a car, so he empathizes with us taking the bus. I am touched by his kindness, and remind myself to reassure my mother that this is only the second time in my life that I have gotten into a car with a complete stranger.

1930 – Arrive at train station, and bus magically arrives to take us home. Our transfers, we find out, are still valid because the previous driver mistakenly ripped the transfers to give us 2 extra hours of valid bus time. Yessss!

1945 – Estamos cansados. All of a sudden, we hear the opening melody to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and our heads snap up; turns out it was the cell phone ringtone of the guy across from us in the bus. We collapse into hysterical giggles. Rodrigo attributes all the serendipitous events of the evening to his lucky, worn out Converses.

2030 – Arrive home. Collapse. Tomorrow: tomato and red pepper soup, all going to the freezer before it goes bad.  We are too tired to remember to get our requisite blizzard on Children’s Miracle Network day. That’s okay – we have more than enough food right now.


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  1. I love Rodrigo! Also, I had a blizzard in your honour today. Next time I’m in Calgary we’ll go for Blizzards and I’ll stay longer and have a car so we can actually do something!