Dahlias – Variations

I had resisted picking up dahlias the past few weeks, knowing that come October they would probably be the only thing worth buying. But as the dinner-plate dahlias currently dominate bouquets across the internet, there was only so long that could last. These ones are a bit smaller, a bit less regal, but still eye-catching.

Last night, whilst skyping with Jessica, I thought these bouquets were the best things that had ever happened to me (short of blueberry picking! We ate them mixed with tri-star strawberries on some brown butter waffles. Sunday brunch is fantastic, isn’t it?). This morning my enthusiasm has waned, but you can judge for yourself. I’ve included pictures of several different bouquets, all using the same base ingredients (dahlias, scabiosa, ageratum, purple basil, peppermint, lemon verbena, snapdragons, salvia farinacea, zinnias [persian carpet], that random grass I don’t know the name of) and mostly put together by hand.

And a shot from the iPhone for good luck!


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  1. Finally a photo that captures your TRUE love: Torts!