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This weekend was spent wandering the streets of Williamsburg, where I have decided I could be quite happy. True, the hipsters proliferate, but there are so many delightful little stores with antiques galore and a true enthusiasm from sellers regarding their products, especially when they’re handmade. I could have moved in to Sprout Home, sitting dreamily amongst the mint and buddleia or quietly potting up endless numbers of succulents.

Alas, it’s all a little to out of our price range. These are upper middle class hipsters we’re dealing with. One day, one day, though, all the handmade wood tables and apothecary bottles will be mine.

In the meantime, I make do with my weekly flowers. This week I finally broke down and got some echinacea. I’m surprised at how much of it they plant here. Despite its status as a native plant in Alberta, we are surprisingly reluctant to incorporate it – perhaps part of a residual fear of mass planting perennials in our climate, although the City of Edmonton seems to have a fondness for rudebeckia, among other natives. Here in NYC you can find echinacea on boulevards, in great drifts in parks, in container plantings, in bunches at the market. The flowers can all too easily look tired, but the vibrant orange seed heads add a pop of unexpected neon. In fact, strip the heads of their pink petals and you can add that orange in unencumbered to colour combinations you might not have previously considered. This tip can be attributed to a bouquet we saw at Baked in Red Hook a few weeks ago – I’m fairly certain it must have been from Saipua. It was a little ungainly and utilized that classic washed out palette the studio gravitates towards – but pretty enough to distract me from my dessert, which can sometimes be difficult to do at Baked.

In a tribute to the good people of Williamsburg (and much to the chagrin of at least two of my friends), I include below a picture taken on Hipstamatic. Had I a pair of vintage glasses I would have artfully styled them in the photo.

And for Jessica, some links:

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