a summer walk & raspberry meringues

Canada Day back home in Edmonton last week was wonderful. I got a chance to see some dear friends, and spent time with my family before they jet off to Hong Kong and Malaysia (tomorrow!). It has been beautiful in Calgary this week (so far) but it looks a bit rainy on Friday and Saturday, just in time for Stampede and the Royal couple. Yes, I am going to wake up at the crack of dawn on Friday, jam on a cowboy hat, and stake out a good spot for the Stampede parade. I’ve never been, but I figure I may as well go big or go home, and since I can’t go home…I’m going to experience Stampede to the fullest. Never mind that I’m allergic to grass and horses – I won’t let that stop me. Okay, at the very least, I want a corn dog, haha.

On Monday evening, I took a wander around the University of Calgary campus, and it’s actually quite pretty. The campus is a bit smaller and quieter than my darling U of A campus, but I think that’s also part of its charm.

Internship is going well so far. This week is a busy week, by all outpatient standards, and today we traveled to 3 different locations. I don’t know how my preceptor does it – she’s a fantastic person who wouldn’t hurt a fly, but I know she’s got some serious biceps due to all the stuff she has to haul from place to place. I could barely keep up!

Tonight was a life-changing night. Not because I got my favourite pasta at Chianti’s on cheap pasta night, or because I am a huge ditz and totally missed…an opportunity to make a new friend, let’s call it…or even because I got to see some of my favourite people over said pasta dinner…

3 words:

How have I not been here before? It was amazing! Not as commonplace as IKEA things, but not as ridiculously overpriced as Williams-Sonoma. It was perfect. The salespeople were so great, and the layout was so clean and user-friendly. Sorry mom, I bought baking dishes. But they’re timeless! White porcelain! On sale! Have I convinced you yet? I know there’s one opening up in Edmonton in October, and I may just have to get a job there, even though I’m sure I would owe them at the end of each pay period despite an employee discount. Stay tuned to further blog posts, because I will have to find a way to use my new dishes…

Lastly – I made Sweetapolita’s raspberry meringues. They were so light and airy; perfect for the hot summer weather. Plus, now I can spell merginues merengies meruinges meringues properly.



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  1. Mmm! Those meringues look amazing!