Summer solstice

These past two days in Calgary have been absolutely gorgeous, and a welcome break from the constant rain we’ve been getting. I got some flowers as a gift today, and while I don’t know anything about them, I’m endeavouring to learn! I have a notorious track record for killing plants in my possession, but I am determined that these flowers will be a turning point.

The cyclamen is my favourite of the three. I think it has this minimalist beauty about it, with the petals twisting upward and its unique shape.

The kalanchoe is the cute one (Whoa, Teen Girl Squad flashback)- It’s bright and full of tiny flowers that just make me smile.

Last, but of course most classic, roses. I really don’t know anything about roses. The ever-helpful interweb says I should give them lots of sun, so cross your fingers for more beautiful weather!

Flowers + 16.5 hours of sun today = bliss.

(I am also eagerly awaiting new cookbooks, tart moulds and cake pans from Amazon – hurry, UPS!)



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2 responses to “Summer solstice

  1. Amy

    They’re beautiful! I love the IKEA pots too. I always think of cyclamen as more of a winter plant, but they are adorable. And the kalanchoe are classic.

  2. Those IKEA pots look familiar. Cute! Can’t wait to see which soup pictures you decide to use.