NYC is ablaze in roses at the moment. Many of the medians are full of frothy, arching bushes, that blur into undulating waves as you speed by on the West Side Highway, or provide a point of delightful contemplation while you wait to cross Broadway.

Of course, this means it was the perfect time for a trip to the New York Botanical Garden to see their rose garden. The NYBG is bigger than I expected, and predominantly forested. We started off wandering through the small herb garden and into the perennial borders before hitting the massive conservatory. It was all nice, but nothing particularly special. Then we wandered up through the forest, passing by the ends of the azaleas and rhodos, across the stream and past a bunch of Japanese maples (stunning, I can’t wait to buy my first one!), to crest the hill and bam. There was the rose garden, the picture of June abundance.


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